Intellify Learning Powers Analytics So You Can Optimize Education

In education, it takes a village. Key players should have the power to impact student performance. But, operational and resource challenges can limit insights and therefore limit action. Intellify Learning makes the analytics process easier with an end-to-end solution that empowers the community.

Who Benefits With Intellify?

Academic Communities

Powering Student Performance
  • Enable analytics to drive student engagement

  • Assess and inform curriculum efficacy to improve learning experiences

  • Facilitate research to determine predictors of student success

  • Manage and maximize the student lifecycle

Education Solution Providers

Delivering Results
  • Create impactful education products with deeper analytics

  • Drive insightful internal product strategy and business decisions

  • Address customer demands for greater learning analytics

Intellify for Academic Communities

For universities and schools, identifying success predictors and driving successful educational strategies can be challenging. The process to gain insights across the student lifecycle can be laborious, time-consuming, and costly. Intellify helps academic stakeholders overcome these challenges with a robust analytics solution.

Through Intellify, educational intelligence powers the student lifecycle:

Recruitment & Enrollment

  • Maximize marketing and recruiting initiatives to attract students that address organizational objectives

  • Predict and maximize resources to support student needs


  • Enable student self-awareness and action on learning activity

  • Assess curriculum efficacy and optimize the learning experience and results

  • Explore and derive actionable insights from granular learning data


  • Identify and mitigate attrition risks

  • Determine retention strategies and assess impact

  • Drive action among stakeholders to ensure student success

Intellify for Providers

With ever-growing pressure for results, education stakeholders’ expectations for their partners are high. Education customers seek greater transparency and results from their investments. For education providers, the expectations translate into creating effective products and proving impact both externally and internally.

With Intellify, providers are able to embed powerful analytics into their products cost-effectively. Similarly, providers can leverage Intellify’s analytic capabilities to aggregate and drill into granular performance data from multiple systems and apps. This allows for greater insight into product impact on learning and business.


All In One

Education Focused

Flexible Platform

Why Intellify Learning

Intellify Learning is the most robust and flexible analytics solutions created specifically for schools, universities, and education solution providers. With our experience in education, we understand that every facet of the student lifecycle is critical to success.

Our end-to-end solution works across educational platforms such as LMS, publisher applications, edtech tools, SIS, CRM, and other enterprise systems. With unified and streamlined data, Intellify allows stakeholders to gain additional insights to measure institutional and student performance, improve the efficacy of digital content, accelerate adaptive learning, or optimize recruiting efforts.

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