The ability to measure learning has significant challenges...

…fortunately, there’s Intellify Learning™.


The ability to measure learning has significant challenges...

…fortunately, there’s Intellify Learning™.


Current Learning Measurement and Analytics is Limited

Continued online education growth, effectiveness, efficiency, investment, and a rich digital environment offers a great opportunity to deliver on the long overdue quest for deep measurement, accountability, insight, engagement and personalization as it relates to the learner, the curriculum, the instruction and the overall online experience. However, some key challenges and limitations exist...

Online Learning Lacks Accountability

As substantial investment in refactored and new online curriculum is made, the opportunity should be seized to ensure that ALL curriculum content and delivery applications are intrinsically measurable.

Very superficial, if any, learning metrics are captured due to lack of delivery and content transparency, data interoperability, and consistent measurement frameworks and standards for learning content to leverage.

Siloed Learning Delivery

Online curriculum reliance on learning delivery systems, specialized educational applications, and interactive digital content is surging and is increasingly sourced from a federated spectrum of platform, app, publisher and courseware providers.

This makes for a very rich and engaging learning experience BUT is extremely difficult for universities and schools, publishers and courseware providers, as well as delivery system and app providers to comprehensively capture, measure, aggregate, store and access ALL the data required to drive the analytics for engagement, efficacy and performance to actually enhance outcomes, adapt and personalize learning.

Limited Analytics Insight and Personalized Learning

Given compromised accountability and siloed delivery of online learning, current solutions for learning and predictive analytics, adaptive learning, personalization etc., are relatively simplistic, superficial and questionably effective without leverage of more substantial and granular learning measurement and comprehensive contextual detail.

We can help.


Learning Intelligence as a Service (LIaaS)

How It Works

Intellify is a highly scalable, cloud-based, Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution providing learning measurement and data management services to collect, measure, store, access, distribute and visualize learning intelligence metrics across a broad and highly federated collection of learning content and activity sources.

We Collect

Using the IntelliSense™ web/mobile, emerging open standards (IMS Caliper) based measurement APIs, Intellify “sensors” are applied to instrument learning content and activities such as reading, assessment, lecture/video viewing, social/collaboration, etc., to capture extensive and granular activity metrics from your LMS, educational apps or any other learning content delivery system.

We Measure

Once the IntelliSense sensors are in place to collect metrics, IntelliFeeds package and marshal streams of learning events efficiently at scale to an Intellify sensor endpoint which in turn intelligently routes these event streams to the IntelliStore cloud storage service.

We Store

Intellistore is a highly configurable, learning data optimized, storage repository for learning metrics. Options include privatized as well as shared cloud configuration, data lifecyle management capabilities, integration with other external data warehouses and more.

You Consume

The Intellify Intelligence APIs are used to access or consume learning data from the IntelliStore.

Intellistreams enable high capacity and configurable access to all learning data that needs to be consumed programmatically by software services or applications. IntelliViews enable off-the-shelf, ready to integrate, visualization components to present key insights. IntelliAlerts, enable invaluable push alerts to learners, instructors, administrators or any stakeholder that can benefit from getting timely, criteria-based notification of key data reflected changes occurring.

The IntelliStream access/consumption APIs are made available as part of the Intellify Data Delivery Network (DDN) capability which enables flexible aggregation and potential routing of IntelliStreams across one or more target consumption points requiring access to the data. With that, the DDN enables secure, private and/or trusted routing or shared access to IntelliStreams to enable partners and similar external parties to access a configurable and controlled data set via the IntelliStreams they are permitted to access. Basically, no need to create custom APIs or controlled access capabilities to enable any trusted access for your internal stakeholders or external partners .

Who Uses It

Education Providers

With so many online digital content providers, learning delivery platforms and learning apps, we can better collect and analyze your data across all your providers and deliver it wherever and however you choose.

Publishers and Courseware Providers

Effectively measure curriculum efficacy and capture activity data across a wide spectrum of content sources and delivery platforms that you leverage internally or that your customers leverage to deploy your content solutions.

Learning Delivery Systems

Obtain a more comprehensive and detailed data set across the growing collection of 3rd party content and apps that integrate into your platform to drive high value analytics and other data driven offerings.

Educational App Providers

Your apps generate enormously valuable activity and with Intellify you can more efficiently and effectively manage your data, at scale, across a growing set of learning platforms.

How to Use It

Getting Started