Data analytics is a journey

Educational data creates insights to transform the student lifecycle one step at a time. Begin the journey with Intellify Essentials.

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Open New Possibilities in Education

Intellify Learning helps the education community collect, store, and translate data into insights that inform and guide decisions about the student experience. With Intellify:


Drive student performance based on relevant and timely insights


Meet educators’ analytics needs with greater flexibility

Transform Data with Ease

With Intellify Learning as the foundation, educators and providers focus on generating and applying educational intelligence, not data management. Intellify Learning offers a turnkey, cloud-based solution that facilitates key steps of the analytics process.

Harness Your Data

Data comes in many forms, sizes and from many sources.  Collecting and managing the data reliably at scale and in real-time is not simple. Intellify brings the data together cohesively and securely in one place.

We bring all your data together from all your sources quickly and stress-free

Access Timely Insights

Making sense of all the data can be time-consuming and complicated. Intellify simplifies the process by providing on-demand data access, the use of open data standards, and data exploration tools for the average person.

Deliver Actionable Insights

While data may sometimes speak for itself, presenting information intuitively and simply can drive action more effectively. Intellify provides the ability to create and share important insights in clear, easy-to-understand dashboards and reports.

Intellify Is Your Partner in Analytics

The Intellify Learning team brings more than 20 years of educational technology experience. As your data analytics partner, Intellify provides the capabilities to fuel decisions on mission-critical programs.

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